The “Santiago Downtown” is a recurring scenario in the development of the video game.
Santiago Downtown Masterplan

Video game environments have been designed based on historical documentation and research from Santiago de Chile from the 1970s historically influenced by architectural elements of Art-deco, Neo-classical and Modern. By means of sketches based on photographs of the time it is intended to generate a 3D survey of the main urban landmarks of the time.

In a world without GoogleMaps, Gps or Radars, signs with street names and numbering are essential.

Ads offering rewards for the heads of the COMIREV are frequent in the streets.

The concept-art of environments developed during the pre-production stage of the videogame, show the stylized and minimalist aesthetic that it will maintain in the 3D modeling and texturing phase, disregarding realistic graphics and high level of detail and using cold colors and resources that allow to provide an atmosphere of greater oppression and darkness.
Shanty Town House Model

Police and military vehicles