The “Links” are the basic unit of the clandestine organization.

They are militants or collaborators of the COMIREV who work as intermediaries between the structures of the organization (Clandestine Committees, Central Committee). Each boss of structure works with a link of his trust, through whom sends resources or documentation to another structure that is received through another link that works on it. Part of the compartmentalisation protocols require that the links must not know each other, nor know the heads of the other structures and to specify the flow of resources they must meet each time in different points of the city called “Contact Zone”.

The Contact Zones are different public spaces for each occasion where two links of the organization deliver or receive barretines for normally short times. As part of the compartmentalization protocol, the contact zones cannot be routine or made in shelters, they must be planned in advance by a structure manager and encrypted using different encryption methods so that they are not detected by the repressive forces before a possible search or detention.

The “Contact” is a clandestine communication protocol in which, on a specific date, time and contact zone of the city previously agreed by a structure manager, two links are found to deliver or receive resources or documentation sent from a structure to another. The contact protocol is constituted by a series of security measures, among which the use of the recognition password and generating a compartmentalized conversation between the links that do not generate suspicions among the surrounding people.

In the “Links Missions” you must explore and locate the contact points, arrive on time and generate a compartmentalized contact!