“Excellent creative proposal, the GDD and the story reflects the audiovisual treatment raised. It is a theme widely used in cinema, however, it has not been seen at all in video games. Therefore the idea is quite original, along with the game mechanics and visual aesthetics of the time. “

Creative Proposal Evaluation – Audiovisual Fund

At the end of 2016 the director of the videogame makes the decision to carry out an old idea that was in his head: Transform the testimonies and experiences of life in hiding and resistance to the Chilean civil-military dictatorship into videogames and game mechanics.

With this decision in 2017 a project for pre-production of narrative videogame to the “Audiovisual Fund” of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage is formulated.

The project is awarded for execution as of September 2018 and with this the first stage of videogame development that involved character design, environments, levels, mechanics, script writing and technical prototype programming for demonstration of mechanics and interface began basic The pre-production stage culminated successfully in July 2019.

Currently the project is in suspension pending the results for the so-called 2020 of the same contest, while financing alternatives (Crowdfunding) and dissemination that allow to carry out a first version, or “Alpha” of the same in which Kinematics, 3D modeling, interfaces, level programming and mechanics can be developed. It is estimated that this process should take at least one year of production given the magnitude and size of the project.